Zilla Brownsly Asterplume, if you were wondering. And yes, it is a pen name. Not because I want to fool anyone, it’s just that many people share my given name. Besides, I cook, shop for groceries, help with homework and fix broken appliances; Zilla writes and draws. Coincidentally, we have the same life story… 
I was born in Montana but have lived most of my life in Colorado. I graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in technical theatre and, after a short stint as a sign painter, began working at The Denver Center Theatre Company as a scenic artist. After giving birth to two bouncing baby boys, my canvases became somewhat smaller. I created my first children’s books for them, but darned if they didn’t grow up. So now I make them for you.
I currently work in an elementary school, in a classroom conveniently located next to the library. I spend most of my lunch breaks hiding out in there (and have days when I accompany actual students in there too). After school, I walk home and cook dinner for two bouncing young men. When the dishes and homework are done (and the appliances are all working properly), Zilla takes over. This website is all about her.
Any further questions? Feel free to write me at: